Aug 18, 2008

Global Ecology Corp. Announces Sale of Mobile Water Treatment System Units

Ten units sold to a private charitable organization that funds humanitarian projects worldwide

Global Ecology Corp. recently announced that it sold 10 Mobile Water Treatment System units to a private charitable organization that funds humanitarian projects worldwide. These units will be tested in the U.S. for use as part of a response system to environmental catastrophes.

Peter Ubaldi, president of GEC, said, "Part of our strategy has been to target charitable and nonprofit corporations so that we may collaborate in projects that use our products but where funding might be an issue. This purchase order marks the initial result of our efforts."

A spokesperson for the nonprofit corporation said, "We are excited to complete this purchase order, as it is the result of months of work in which we built an understanding of how we can best work together. We see this as the tip of the iceberg and intend to expand our relationship with the company into a number of other humanitarian business ventures that can use products and services that GEC can provide."

GEC Chairman Joseph Battiato said, "This sale marks the first units we will be delivering for commercial application to a private entity. While this nonprofit corporation is focused on humanitarian needs, we are certain this begins the fulfillment of our vision to deliver several Mobile Water Units next year, resulting in significant earnings potential for the company. We are certain this is the beginning of what will be a long and mutually beneficial relationship between charitable corporations and our company."