Jun 15, 2010

GL Offers New Pipe Design Software for Water Utilities

GL Releases SynerGEE Water 4.5

A new software module for the design of water pipes and networks has now been released by Germanischer Lloyd (GL). The pipe design module of the SynerGEE Water software aims to provide sophisticated optimization capabilities enabling water utilities to provide low cost designs for system expansions and rehabilitation. The new module applies optimization techniques to select the most cost-efficient design subject to the service requirements, according to the company. SynerGEE Water is a simulation software package used to model and analyze water distribution systems.

“The release of SynerGEE Water version 4.5 represents a significant step forward for the product’s usefulness in water system operations and planning,” said Joel Johnson, GL water practice director.

SynerGEE’s core module contains numerous advancements to a unique master scripting function, which will enable the automation of multi-step simulation tasks as well as to aid in integration with SCADA and back-office systems. With master scripting it is now possible to run sophisticated analyses on a pre-set schedule or at the click of a Windows icon, enabling even non-modelers to view analyses results as they need them.

“The 4.5 release demonstrates GL’s continuing commitment to serve the water industry,” Johnson said. “SynerGEE is in its fourth generation of continuous advancement, with regular releases providing relevant and timely updates and advancements.”

Building upon previous capabilities, SynerGEE 4.5 introduces the following features:
&#149 Pipe design: The new module provides purchasers with the ability to select low cost designs subject to quality of service constraints;
&#149 Real time modeling: SynerGEE master scripts and data I/O capabilities provide the ability to run real-time analysis integrated with a SCADA or telemetry system;
&#149 Business process automation: With SynerGEE scripting, repetitive business processes previously requiring manual attention can now be automated; and
&#149 Demand management: SynerGEE allows more categorization of demand types. It allows user defined demand categories to be enabled or disabled. This capability supports special-case analyses and enables personnel to load models with multiple demand scenarios.

“Our clients represent some of the most advanced thinkers in the industry,” Johnson said. “We have worked closely with them to identify new capabilities with the highest value to their organizations, and then we produce them on a continuing basis. SynerGEE 4.5 represents that collaborative approach very well.”