Nov 09, 2007

Geocycle US Acquires Vexor Technology’s Processing Facility

Geocycle US, a waste solutions company, announces an agreement with the principals of Vexor Technology to acquire the company’s Dorchester, South Carolina, processing facility.

Vexor Technology has successfully operated its waste processing facility since January 2006. To date it has produced more than 34 million pounds of an alternative fuel, “Vexor Engineered Fuel,” for use as a source of energy at the Holcim (US) cement plant in Holly Hill. As an alternative to naturally occurring energy sources such as coal or natural gas, “Vexor Engineered Fuel” is developed from over 550 different waste streams.

Geocycle US views this acquisition of the Dorchester facility as a key step toward its strategic vision of developing a solution and service oriented business in the North American waste management industry. Geocycle US will be investing in the Dorchester facility to support the growing demand for this sustainable form of waste recovery.