Apr 28, 2010

GE Shapes Executive Team Through Three New Appointments

Jeff Fulgham, Steve Watzeck and Jeff Connelly in new positions

As the global challenges for clean water increase, the need for widespread adoption of water reuse practices rises. In an effort to strengthen its water and process technologies business, GE announced several strategic appointments.

Jeff Fulgham will lead the division’s sustainability initiative. As chief sustainability officer and ecomagination leader, he will provide leadership for the company’s ecomagination program, water reuse and reduction initiatives, and the Water for Humanity program. In his prior role as chief marketing officer for water and process technologies, Fulgham was a key component of the ecomagination initiative to recognize customers who implement sustainable solutions that balance business and the environment. He will continue to provide leadership for the experienced commercial leadership program and will partner with customers, organizations and governments to drive awareness of the current water situation and the need to implement water reuse technologies.

Steve Watzeck was named strategy development leader and chief marketing officer for the water and process technologies business of GE Power & Water. In his new role, Watzeck will be responsible for providing strategic leadership and program direction for water and process technologies marketing activities across the entire water business. He will position the long-term growth of the business. In his most recent position as general manager of engineered systems, Watzeck successfully built the organization with a strong leadership team, provided commercial focus, grew the backlog, improved profitability and aligned research and development with the company’s reuse strategy.

Jeff Connelly was appointed vice president, engineered systems. In this position, he will provide leadership and strategic direction for the engineered systems business, continue to drive profitable growth with expanded focus on industrial water reuse and oversee global execution. Connelly has more than 20 years of GE operations experience, including seven years with the water and process technologies business. In recent years, as vice president and general manager of supply chain, he built an organization comprising supply chain and sourcing, facilities and security, environmental health and safety and customer care programs.

“By combining Steve Watzeck’s extensive experience in addressing the challenges related to availability, quality and new market development, Jeff Connelly’s operations experience and Jeff Fulgham’s leadership in sustainability, the business now has an even stronger team to drive operational excellence as well as technology and market leadership,” said Heiner Markhoff, president and CEO, water and process technologies for GE Power & Water. “We welcome these professionals into their new positions and feel they will be a huge asset in our goal to bring the best products and services to our customers.”