GE Recognized as “Fast 50” by Fast Company

GE Water & Process Technologies, a unit of General Electric Co., was recognized by Fast Company as one of the Fast 50 companies of 2006. The fith annual Fast 50 focuses on people in business, technology, government, the arts and beyond who have the potential to change history over the next 10 years. In just 10 years, over half the world’s population is predicted to live in water-scare regions, and the need to provide safe, sufficient and affordable clean water is increasing immensely.
“GE is proud to be recognized as one of Fast Company’s Fast 50 companies of 2006,” said Jeff Garwood, CEO of GE Water & Process Technologies. “Water scarcity is growing rapidly, affecting arid regions like the Middle East and North Africa, as well as regions in the U.S., Australia, China and Europe. GE is continually pioneering new water scarcity solutions and improving our technologies to help meet this growing global challenge.”
GE’s continuous growth and commitment to supplying the most holistic water solutions available is exemplified with its 2005 purchase of Ionics, a global desalination and water-recycling operation, which enabled GE to even further its resources to help combat water scarcity.
GE water scarcity solutions are part of ecomagination, an aggressive, long-term initiative to bring new technologies to market that help meet the world’s biggest environmental challenges. As part of that platform, GE provides a wide range of water solutions to communities globally. One of its most recent efforts includes building the largest seawater desalination plant in Africa. With GE’s help, the desalination plant in Algeria will produce 53 mgd to help relieve the country’s severe drinking water shortages.
As an industry leader of water scarcity solutions, GE helps turn water-supply challenges into opportunities by delivering more than a century of water treatment experience through some 6,000 people at work in more than 100 countries. Its $200 million of annual research and development helps GE create technologies that meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s. GE’s water solutions include water recycling, desalination and mobile water systems, and can provide for the needs of most any application of any size, whether it be for a small or large industrial facility, or a local regional water authority.

GE Water & Process Technologies

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