GE Glegg Water Technologies Inc. Changes Name to GE Water Technologies Inc.

Signals Continuing Commitment to Water Treatment Industry

GE Glegg Water Technologies Inc., a leading expert in providing innovative pure water solutions for industrial and engineering companies worldwide, has formally announced its new name, GE Water Technologies Inc., a division of GE Power Systems.

GE Water Technologies will remain in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

The main divisions of GE Water Technologies are

  • Glegg Water Systems, which provides water treatment system equipment to end-users.

  • GE Water Services, which provides water treatment field service, replacement parts and services, and customer service agreements - including plant operations - to end-users.

  • E-Cell Corporation, which provides E-CELL products directly to systems integrators (originator equipment manufacturers).

"GE Water Technologies expects this name change to promote further growth and development of its core businesses. Moving forward, we will continue to provide customers with traditional service and the latest innovations in all aspects of the industrial water treatment market," said Claude Jordan, president and CEO of GE Water Technologies.

GE Power Systems

Parts for an E-Cell skid

Who would I contact for parts for our GEGLEGG E-Cell water processor.

Email: [email protected]

Thanks Eric

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