Mar 19, 2007

GE Announces World Water Tour

GE Water & Process Technologies, a unit of General Electric Co. announced its upcoming World Water Tour, a series of seminars, which will bring water industry experts and industrial water users together to discuss best practices and solutions capable of meeting industry’s increasing need to minimize operational costs, create sustainable supplies of water, decrease energy consumption and meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. The 14-city tour will focus on best practices proven in balancing competitive business and industrial demands that often face industrial water users, especially in regions facing water scarcity and quality challenges.

“Some of industries costliest mandates are water and energy use and regulatory compliancy,” said Jeff Garwood, president and CEO, GE Water & Process Technologies. “Experts will discuss ways industries can better meet business demands, meet regulations and reduce costs associated with industrial water consumption and energy use. And in aggressive marketplaces, cost-cutting measures offer a competitive edge that can be an invaluable asset.”

Industry consumes as much as 22% of the world’s water. In developed countries, industrial water use is as high as 59% and rising. For industrial water users in developing countries, water scarce regions and regions facing water quality issues, having a sustainable supply of water and energy can offer plant security and independence. And according to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Division for Sustainable Development, “Through more efficient production processes, preventive strategies, cleaner production technologies and procedures throughout the product life cycle … the policies and operations of business and industry ... can play a major role in reducing impacts on resource use and the environment.”

The 14-city World Water Tour will touch on ways to meet industrial water challenges that can often arise during industrial processes, including: washing, diluting, cooling, transporting, processing, fabricating products, sanitizing facilities, and producing commodities such as refined petroleum, chemicals, food, paper and primary metals.

The 2007 locations and schedule are as follows:

Las Vegas, NV, May 2-4; Houston, TX, May 9-11; Monterrey, Mexico, May 16-18; Chicago, IL, June 6-8; Atlanta, GA, June 13-15; Edmonton, Canada, June 20-22; Santiago, Chile, Aug. 8-10; Melbourne, Australia, Aug. 22-24; Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 5-7; Mumbai, India, Fall 2007; Bangalore, India, Fall 2007; Shanghai, China, Fall 2007; Beijing, China, Fall 2007; and Dubai, UAE, Winter 2007.