Dec 03, 2010

Fru-Con Awarded Contracts to Expand Baltimore Treatment Plant

Facility will host world's largest fixed film denitrification system

Fru-Con Construction was awarded two contracts totaling $138.7 million to improve and expand the Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant for the city of Baltimore. It is the first time the city of Baltimore has done business with Fru-Con.

With a current capacity of 73 million gal per day (mgd), the existing circa-1920s plant processes about 25% of the wastewater created in the region. Fru-Con’s work will boost the plant’s average capacity to more than 80 mgd and its peak capacity to 150 mgd. The first contract, totaling $116 million, calls for Fru-Con to construct 34 denitrification filters, a methanol feed facility, underground utilities and truck weigh scales; relocate an existing odor control facility and electric generator system; and install multiple HVAC, plumbing, video surveillance and fire alarm systems. Fru-Con also was awarded a $22.7 million contract for Patapsco’s new enhanced nutrient removal facility, which will improve the existing primary and secondary process treatment systems, utility works and site lighting.

Slated for completion in 2012, the work will result in the deployment of the largest fixed-film denitrification system in the world, according to Severn Trent Services of Fort Washington, Penn. Severn manufactures the Tetra Denite wastewater discharge solution selected for use at Patapsco by Baltimore-based consulting engineer Rummel, Klepper and Kahl LLP. The tertiary treatment system promises to reduce the total nitrogen discharge of the plant by more than 80% and its total phosphorous discharge by 90%.

Fru-Con will keep the plant operational during construction by rerouting potable water, sanitary, storm drain, electrical and plant water lines to the perimeter of the property. The bypass systems will remain in service for 12 to 18 months, until newly installed permanent lines are opened.