Jun 30, 2009

Frank Mueller Named President of Compressed Air and Gas Institute

President of Kaeser Compressors will serve two-year term

Frank Mueller, president of Kaeser Compressors, Inc., was recently named president of the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI). Mueller will serve in the post for two years.

“CAGI has done an excellent job of raising awareness on the importance of compressed air,” Mueller commented. “During my term, we will continue to make CAGI the credible voice of the industry ensuring that end-users understand energy efficiency, proper installation and function in relation to their individual choices in compressed air systems.”

Promising ongoing education and training initiatives, Mueller cited CAGI’s Smart Site with its seven online modules as a resource for manufacturers, members, end-users and service providers. “We are committed to providing real, tangible value to those who work in the compressed air industry, general manufacturing and light industrial/commercial services … and we do that by offering up-to-date training and continuous improvement. Plus, we will highlight the best and brightest ideas from engineering undergrads with our CAGI Innovations Awards.”

The program pairs students at some of the nation’s finest engineering schools with member-experts who serve as mentors and advisors. Winning entries for new and creative compressed air uses result in monetary awards to both the school and students, while also increasing the compressed air knowledge base and awareness in the industry.

Mueller’s term is effective immediately and will run until May of 2011. “It is my honor to serve, and I look forward to working with all member companies to build on my predecessors’ accomplishments and to meet or exceed our shared objectives,” he said.