Oct 06, 2010

Forston Labs Introduces New Products at WEFTEC

Company unveils the Mini GC

Forston Labs (booth #6541) is introducing a new product, the Mini GC, at WEFTEC.10 in New Orleans. The company invites attendees to stop by the booth at their convenience to have a quick refreshment and view a short presentation about the new product.

Forston Labs said the Forston Mini GC is a powerful, small, shoebox-sized, lightweight, portable GC. According to the company, it is affordable and allows each technician or field site to provide real-time data for analysis on-site or remotely. The system has the ability to acquire, monitor and analyze data from up to five simultaneous sensor inputs. This means compliance personnel can dramatically shorten the time needed to verify critical changes in environments or processes. Shortened response times lower remediation costs dramatically, according to the company.