Mar 17, 2011

FOG Free Technologies Introduces New Odor Control Product

Company conducted field trials of Odor-Mite at U.S. treatment plants

FOG Free Technologies (FFT) announced the release of its Odor-Mite product after a series of successful field trials at utilities in the southeast U.S. Odor-Mite is one of a dozen FFT products that are non-toxic and biodegradable. The FFT products range includes oil spill remediation products, wastewater industry cleaners of fat, oil, grease and odor, and household cleaning supplies.

Odor-Mite field trials at Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA), which manages one of Florida's largest wastewater utilities, showed immediate positive results, according to FFT.

"We tested Odor-Mite in one of our worst customer complaint areas," said Kim Thornton of JEA wastewater operations. "We tried other applications over the years but they could not contain hydrogen sulfide levels of 225 parts per million [ppm] with spikes of 750 ppm at the site. The difference with Odor-Mite is incredible. And customer complaints have completely stopped."

FFT Vice President Doc Knight said the Odor-Mite application actually began its use in conjunction with FFC-100, a biodegrading agent for fat, oil and grease build-up in utility lift stations and gravity sewers.

Additionally, Knight said tests show Odor-Mite provides corrosion control in utility pipes and valuable equipment because the product is non-caustic and non-reactant to carbon dioxide.

Knight said Odor-Mite is half the cost of chemical-based treatment systems in most cases and with the flat rate per month cost, customers can budget and not be surprised with increased dosing that may occur with the "old drip systems" when temperatures rise. Utilities using Odor-Mite can replace the large bio-filters and scrubbers, gain better results and lower capital and energy costs, he said.

"Utility costs have gone up dramatically in recent years," Knight said. "And Odor-Mite offers a welcomed savings as well as performance and public appreciation."