Fluid Imaging Technologies Awards Grant

Grant for algae technology research proposal awarded to Texas A&M student

Fluid Imaging Technologies student equipment travel grant

Laboratory instrumentation manufacturer Fluid Imaging Technologies has awarded its 2014 Student Equipment & Travel Grant to Louis R. Brown, Texas A&M University at Galveston, Texas A&M AgriLife Research.

His proposal, Elucidating the impacts of seasonal variation and contaminant suppressants in algal cultures using FlowCAM, was selected after a series of in-depth reviews by a panel of independent industry experts in the Algae Technology field. Judging criteria included scientific merit, appropriate use of the FlowCAM and the ability to obtain measurable results during a research period of four months.

“I’m very excited and appreciative to have this opportunity,” Brown said. “Having use of a FlowCAM will enhance my research capabilities and provide a valuable tool for the advancement of large scale cultivation techniques.”

Brown has received the use of a FlowCAM, a digital imaging particle analyzer from Fluid Imaging Technologies, as well as comprehensive instrument training and on-going technical support throughout the research project. Brown will also receive a paid trip to a North American conference specific to algae technology to present his research findings.

Students whose research involves the study of marine or freshwater microbial systems are encouraged to apply for the use of a FlowCAM to support their research.

Fluid Imaging Technologies

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