Aug 20, 2019

Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Most Industrial Environments

Dynasonics ultrasonic doppler and transit time flowmeters from Badger Meter provide solutions for different fluid properties.

Dynasonics ultrasonic meter
Dynasonics ultrasonic meter

Dynasonics ultrasonic meters from Badger Meter measure flow rate by propagating ultrasound waves into liquid-filled pipes and measuring the reflections. There are two technologies to choose from based on fluid properties: doppler and transit time.

With clamp-on technology, these ultrasonic meters reside outside the pipe and bring you flow measurement with many benefits, including reduced installation costs, uninterrupted production, installation flexibility across a wide range of pipe sizes, no pressure head loss, no contact with internal liquid and no moving parts to maintain.

Doppler Flowmeters

For fluids with significant amounts of particles or air bubbles, such as slurries, sewage and plastics, doppler ultrasonic meters provide a stronger performance.

Transit Time Flowmeters

For clean fluids with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration, transit time ultrasonic meters provide strong performance and can be used in a wide range of applications for pipes ½ in. and larger.

Transit time flowmeters consist of electronics with remote or integral transducer options to measure bidirectional flow of clean liquids and are ideal for use in heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC), water and wastewater treatment, and oil and gas applications.

The TFX-500w Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flowmeter is a cost-effective solution for measuring clean water in pipe sizes of 1/2 in. to 10 in. (15…250 mm) or larger. It is easily installed without cutting or tapping the pipe.

To learn more about Dynasonics ultrasonic meters from Badger Meter, click here or visit our flow measurement experts at booth #1920 during WEFTEC 2019.

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