Mar 06, 2009

Flow Monitoring Webcast Scheduled for March 25

“Sewer Flow Monitoring that Saves Time and Resources” will explore benefits of Data Delivery Services

This webcast will explain how Data Delivery Services (DDS) provides a reliable sewer flow monitoring network that saves time and money and doesn't require manhole visits. Current DDS customers are seeing significant savings in their flow monitoring programs as well as freeing their personnel for other tasks.

The webcast will be held Wednesday, March 25, at 1 p.m. EST, and will feature an open forum question and answer period.

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Facilitators are Kevin Marsh and David Baker of Hach Co.

Kevin Marsh, vice president of rlow sales for the Hach Co., joined Marsh-McBirney, Inc. in 1989 as international sales manager, where he played an integral role in increasing export sales for the company. His efforts throughout his 20-year tenure have focused on strengthening both international and domestic sales for the company.

Dave Baker is business development manager for Data Delivery Services. During his 11 years of service at Hach/Marsh-McBirney, Baker also held positions as field service manager and rental fleet manager. Baker oversees all installation, calibration and commissioning of flowmeters under contract as well as data transmission and web server data presentation functions.