RJN Group Conducts Analysis for Baltimore County

Providing flow monitoring and infiltration/inflow analysis at 130 locations

RJN Group Inc. is providing flow monitoring and infiltration/inflow (I/I) analysis services for the Baltimore County Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering and Construction.  Baltimore county is committed to reducing I/I in the sanitary sewer collection system.  This project will provide data and analysis results that the county can use to prioritize areas within the evaluated sanitary sewer collection system based on I/I severity.  Data collected will also be used to calibrate hydraulic models identifying capacity limitations within the system.

RJN will perform continuous sanitary sewer flow monitoring and conduct I/I analysis at 130 locations in eight sewersheds in southeast Baltimore county for a period of 12 months.  The collection system flow will be measured as it responds to storm events, ensuring that there is an accurate basis of data to use in performing the I/I analysis and for calibration of hydraulic models to be used for evaluation of long-term capacity and peak flow management.

RJN Group

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