Geneva, Ill., Water Treatment Facility Wins Awards

Plant named “Project of the Year”

A new 8 million gal per day Black & Veatch engineered drinking water treatment center has received the Project of the Year Award for 2009 and the Public Works Project Excellence Award from the Chicago Chapter of the American Public Works Association.

The facility incorporates pretreatment equipment, designed by Hungerford & Terry, upstream of the reverse osmosis treatment system.

This filter system offers protection to the reverse osmosis membranes. The filters are sized to treat a flow of 3,576 gal per minute and remove 3 mg/L of iron and 0.06 mg/L of manganese. The system includes four 10-ft-diameter-by-30-ft-long 2-cell horizontal filters and a custom forced draft degasifier to reduce 50 mg/L of carbon dioxide in the reverse osmosis effluent to 8 mg/L. (The degasifier is housed in the silo portion of the farm building and includes a 12-ft-diameter-by-16-ft-tall fiber-reinforced plastic tower with 905 cu ft of polypropylene tower packing, plus a 16,900 cu ft per minute air blower.) This unique system is one of many Hungerford & Terry filter systems that pretreat water for reverse osmosis and other membrane types of treatment operations around the world.

“Hungerford & Terry was pleased to provide this specially designed pretreatment equipment in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in extending the life of the membranes as well as in saving money in the on-going treatment process,” said Hungerford & Terry Vice President of Sales Ken Sayell.

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