Dow to Purchase Remaining Equity in Clean Filtration Technologies

Will further company's position in macrofiltration market

The Dow Chemical Co. announced an agreement to purchase the remaining equity in Clean Filtration Technologies Inc.  This move underscores the company’s strategic commitment to invest and expand its offerings in the water treatment market.   Dow Water & Process Solutions will operate the new business as Clean Filtration Technologies LLC (CFT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Co.

The relationship with CFT progressed after two investments by Dow Venture Capital and joint research and development work in 2010.  The new operating unit will combine Clean Filtration Technologies’ expertise in the filtration space with Dow’s capabilities in the water treatment market.

 “There are clear benefits to customers by combining CFT’s expertise and know-how in the filtration space with Dow’s broad portfolio of market-leading advanced treatment technologies of ion exchange, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes. We are excited by the array of attractive opportunities in the macrofiltration market for CFT products ranging from produced water to RO and UF pretreatment,” said Ian Barbour, general manager, Dow Water & Process Solutions. “Customers looking to ‘green’ their operations now have a broader range of options available for making their operations more sustainable.”

“The aim in this effort is to foster the best of what each company offers and leverage the knowledge and greatest practices for success,” said John Mallard, CEO of CFT. “Together, we can achieve shared objectives: to pursue joint growth opportunities for Dow Water & Process Solutions and Clean Filtration Technologies in the water treatment market and benefit our customers.”

Dow Water & Process Solutions

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