Jan 17, 2014

Festo Launches Online Technical Support Community

Community members can post questions or answers & can search the forum by topic to find existing questions & answers

Festo online technical support community

Festo announced the U.S. and Canadian launch of the Festo Support Community, a global Festo users forum. Community members can post a question 24/7 or answer an already posted question. Hundreds of questions and answers are already on the site, and members can search the forum by topic. 

Forum topics include pneumatics, servo pneumatics, electric drives, software, fieldbus, process automation, sensors and vision, directives and standards, and more. There are a number of convenience features. Members can be alerted when replies are posted to their questions. They can sign up for RSS or Atom feeds and can e-mail and print topics.

Animation and films along with written replies are available on some of the posts. Additional online options for registered members include download of native CAD models and ability to save, import and export parts lists.

The forum is moderated by Festo technical support personnel, who also post answers. The Festo Support Community began on the Festo Great Britain website about a year ago and has been piloted by Festo U.S. and Canada since August 2013.

“New community members will find hundreds of topics already on the site,” said Frank Langro, director of marketing/product development for Festo. “What really impresses me about the forum is the immediacy of the questions. These are real world issues that call out for practical solutions. This new technical community is dedicated to sharing practical experience peer to peer.”

Users can visit the Festo Support Community home page for more information and to sign up to become a forum member.