Apr 08, 2009

Express Blower Enhances Product Line

Company has re-engineered its blowers to reduce complexity, increase productivity and maximize ease of use

Express Blower has recently enhanced its entire line of blower products, including both the EB (fully integrated with a chassis) and TM (truck- or trailer-mounted) units.Taking a clean-sheet approach to the line, Express Blower has re-engineered the blowers to reduce complexity, increase productivity and maximize ease of use. This includes simplified electronics, new remote control design, self diagnostics with remote monitoring capability, updated feeder, more accurate seed injection system and improved safety features.Understanding that more parts equals more to maintain, Express Blower has reduced the complexity of its blower products by modifying its electronic package. What used to include several computer terminal strips, relays and hundreds of long wires has now been reduced to a less complicated two-wire, controller-area-network bus system incorporating only three onboard computers. The result is increased reliability and reduced maintenance concerns.Furthering the reliability of its hydraulics system, the Express Blower line also includes top-of-the-line Parker hydraulics. With all hydraulic fittings utilizing new trapezoidal O-rings, the system is certified by Parker not to leak. Even if only one hose develops a leak, Parker technicians will travel to the end-user’s location and service the machine at their own expense.The remote control has been redesigned to maximize machine control reliability and provide more information on system functionality. Featuring an enhanced frequency hopping technology, the RF remote changes frequencies every 200 to 400 milliseconds. This helps eliminate signal jamming and potential conflicts with competing signals. LED indicators on the new remote confirm proper operation of the feeder, main auger, floor, water and seed injection system. These indicators are also found on the machine-mounted control panel.To simplify troubleshooting and, in turn, maximize uptime, the blowers now include a self-diagnostics system with remote monitoring capability. Featuring push-button navigation and a user-friendly interface, the machine-mounted display features easy-to-understand messages if a mechanical problem is encountered or if service is required. Beyond simply stating the problem, the system provides detailed explanations of the issues and troubleshooting steps to resolve them quickly and correctly.For more information, visit www.expressblower.com.