Sep 26, 2019

10 of Our Favorite Social Media Moments From WEFTEC 2019

WWD, SWS & WQP Editors highlight their favorite tweets from the week at WEFTEC 2019

WEFTC 19 banner and logo hangs from the vaulted ceiling in McCormick Place
WWD, WQP and SWS editors highlight their favorite Tweets and Facebook posts from WEFTEC 19 in Chicago.

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The Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) may be over for 2019, but we’re not ready to forget about an awesome week. Our editors enjoyed reading a flurry of activity on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn throughout the week. From new product launches and cheering on Operations Challenge competitors to singing and dancing about the water cycle and giving kudos to the WEFTEC DJ, below are our favorite social media moments from the show.

WEF Announces 2019-2020 Board of Trustees

The strategic direction of Water Environment Federation comes from its leadership, the Board of Trustees. WEF Past President Tom Kunetz handed down the gavel to WEF President Jackie Jarrell, operations chief at Charlotte, N.C., Water during WEFTEC 19 this week. The board is rounded out with professionals from all across the U.S. Read the full release from WEF for more information on the trustees.

Wrapping Up the WEF Service Project Rain Garden

WEFTEC is about more than the technical sessions, demonstrations and learning opportunities for the industry’s professionals. It also is a way to elevate the discussion on water and to give back to communities, like many did with this rain garden project over the weekend.

Dedication to the Water Industry at a New Level

There is no doubt that water professionals are among the most passionate workers. We love the industry, the science and the advocacy involved. And never was this more apparent than with Kristiana traveling with her 10-month-old to attend meetings and better herself and her career. That’s true dedication, and we hope that little one becomes a future water leader too!

WEF Highlights Operations Challenge Winners

While the engineers and consultants attend myriad sessions on new, established and innovative technologies, operators from across the country compete for the 32nd Operations Challenge title. 45 teams from 23 state delegations and associations across the U.S. competed in a series of tests demonstrating precision, speed and safety in the laboratory, process control, collections, safety and KSB maintenance events. Read the full release about the 32nd Operations Challenge winners.

A Reminder of What WEFTEC Can Do for One’s Career

This tweet from Natasha is a reminder of just how big a difference attending WEFTEC can be in a person’s career. The next generation of water leaders is out there, and this Tweet reminds us that providing opportunity is a critical piece for professional development.

The Sacrifices We Make Highlight Our Passion for Water

WEFTEC is an exciting time for the water and wastewater professional. We don’t want to miss a single thing, so we forego sleep to stay out chatting each night and then get up early each morning to get to back to the show floor to continue those conversations. We’re right there with you, Cam.

First an Alligator & Now a Crocodile Story for Chicago?

Earlier this summer, headlines in Chicago were dominated by stories of Chance the Snapper, an alligator found wandering around Humboldt Park on Chicago’s west side. Turns out WEFTEC has one of its own, too, with Niles the Croc, who was seen playing cashier at the bookstore. He even interrupted our Editors Day 1 Wrap Up video, which got a great laugh out of us! We’ll get you back next year, Niles!

A Big Congrats to All the WEF Fellow Recipients

While WWD has its own Industry Icon award to honor excellence in the industry, the WEF Fellow Program is a serious honor for its recipients. Adel Hagekhalil dedicated his award to the Los Angeles City Department of Public Works because without them, he wouldn’t have received the honor. Kudos to you Adel, and to all the other recipients as well. Read the full list of 2019 WEF Fellows.

Engaging Our Youngest Water Leaders to Promote a Better Water Future

Workforce, workforce, workforce. The so-called Silver Tsunami is on its way and another will come after this next generation of workers. Public outreach and awareness are two key pieces in establishing all future generations of our industry’s water and wastewater leaders. 

You Never Know Who You’ll Meet in Your Travels!

Traveling for work can be exhausting, especially after several sleep-deprived nights at WEFTEC. But sometimes you can meet some cool people like how Andi ran into U.S. Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren in the airport! We hope you encouraged her to become a Water Warrior, Andi!

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