Dec 28, 2000

ESI to Design and Manage Construction of Clear Horizons Plant

Minergy Detroit selected ESI, Inc. of Tennessee to serve
as design/build contractor for the planned Clear Horizons plant that will
recycle wastewater solids from the Detroit Water and Sewer Department into a
glass aggregate construction product. In addition, the plant will recover the
energy from the process to produce steam and electricity.
The proposed Clear Horizons plant, which will replace the
Detroit Water and Sewer Department's wastewater solids incinerators, will be
built on a brownfield site in Detroit, alongside the Detroit River in the Delray
area. Minergy last year received a contract from the City of Detroit calling for
the Clear Horizons plant to accept city wastewater solids for 15 years.
Preliminary engineering for the Clear Horizons plant is
under way and plant construction is expected to begin late this year, with
start-up planned for late 2002. Estimated cost of the project is $100 million.
(Source: Minergy Detroit)