Sep 05, 2006

Ernesto Causes Wastewater Spill in North Carolina, Boil Alert in Maryland

Tropical Storm Ernesto has caused a wastewater spill in Kinston, N.C., while a boil alert has been recommended for St. George’s Island, Md.

In Kinston, torrential rainfall flooded the sewer system causing it to overflow. Officials told The Free Press that approximately 18,000 gallons of wasewater came out of a manhole and spilled into the Neuse River.

Steve Miller, water resources manager for Kinston, said that this should not affect the drinking water. However, the Division of Water Quality was notified.

Meanwhile, in Maryland the topical storm has created water flooding. In St. Mary’s County, Md., The Board of County Commissioners recommended that all private well owners on St. George’s Island boil water for at least 20 minutes prior to drinking.

According to Southern Maryland Online, this alert will continue until officials can determine if wells were submerged during the flooding. Wells where the flood levels have risen above the top of the casing are most likely contaminated and need to be disinfected before drinking.