Dec 28, 2000

EPA Makes Source Water Protection Funds Available

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seeks proposals from organizations interested in working with communities across the nation that are served by public water systems with highly or moderately susceptible drinking water sources to protect their sources of drinking water from contamination using a watershed or "resource-based" approach.

EPA is providing this financial support to

  • Facilitate the establishment of a technical field presence nationwide to help communities that would benefit from collaborative source water protection actions with other communities; and
  • Assist communities across the country in addressing the obstacles to protecting their water resources and lowering the susceptibility of source waters through a watershed or resource- based planning approach.

EPA intends to use at least part of the funds to help an organization interested in establishing a national network of field technicians to assist communities with watershed or resource-based planning to protect their water supplies. However, EPA is very interested in seeing other types of approaches to help communities across the country protect drinking water sources, such as an approach that provides direct financial assistance and technical support to communities through means other than a field presence. Depending on the proposals received, EPA will consider awarding a second grant that would complement a field technician approach.

All project proposals must be received by EPA no later than June 12, 2000.

Send five copies of the complete proposal to Betsy Henry (4606), Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, U.S. EPA, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20460. For further information, call Ms. Henry at (202) 260-2399.

SOURCE: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency