Oct 21, 2009

EPA Awards D.C. $38.9 Million in Stimulus Funding to Improve Wastewater, Storm Water Management

Funding part of $6 billion Recovery Act push for better wastewater management nationwide

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $38.9 million in federal stimulus money to Washington D.C.’s Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) and the District Department of the Environment (DDOE), reported the Washington Business Journal.

The funding--which aims to increase storm water absorption and improve the District’s water distribution network--is part of a $6 billion nationwide effort to promote better wastewater management.

The funding is broken down to allot $24.4 million for WASA and $14.6 million for the DDOE, according to the Washington Business Journal report.

Also, the report said, the DDOE plans to devote $4 million of this money to improving the District’s use of trees for storm water absorption. Also on the storm water front, $5.7 million will be applied to restoring the District’s sewer system to offset the polluted storm water that flows into the Anacostia River.

Plus, the DDOE has proposed plans to conserve water by installing more efficient toilets in schools, practicing rain harvesting for fire trucks and implementing irrigation and water collection at local parks.

The report also noted the DDOE’s other planned improvements, which include adding new green roofs on city buildings, as well as incentives for residential and small business green-roofing.

WASA is planning to use its funding to rehab its wastewater management system by replacing critical equipment components to create better water quality throughout.