Environmental Banking Co. Purchases Comprehensive Monitoring System from YSI

Loafer Creek LLC, a land, environmental, technology and mitigation banking company headquartered in northern California, has purchased over $180,000 of water quality data collection equipment from YSI, Inc. This state-of-the-art monitoring system will help YSI's customers monitor natural resources on more than 40,000 acres of environmentally rich watershed property in northern California. Loafer Creek LLC will also be looking forward to working with local farmers, water districts, and irrigation districts in building this state-of-the-art water model.
When the YSI system is installed in the ensuing weeks, land managers for Loafer Creek’s conservation bank and related watershed properties will be able to monitor water quality using a real-time network of sensors and satellites. This data helps the company better monitor and understand the ways in which it can mitigate impact on the region’s watersheds, wetlands, and endangered species. Loafer Creek also plans to work closely with certain local, state and federal agencies, and public interest groups in the location of the equipment and subsequent data analysis.
“I am excited about working with YSI to set up cutting edge technology for water quality monitoring. The natural health and sustainability of ecosystems in Butte and Tehama counties will greatly benefit,” said Dan Kohrdt, a member of Loafer Creek.
Loafer Creek is certified for conservation banking for projects in northern California.

YSI, Inc.

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