Sep 18, 2008

Enviroline Hires Sales & Technical Manager

Jim Crumby has 30 years of coating experience

Enviroline Group has announced the recent return of Jim Crumby as sales and technical manager. Though Crumby never left the Enviroline Team completely—he recommended, estimated and applied Enviroline coatings and linings as a contractor for the last several years—he has returned to Enviroline sales to end the physical demands of his contracting profession. Jim will now be responsible for the sales and technical support of Enviroline and Envirothane high-performance coatings and linings throughout Southern California, Southern Nevada and Arizona.

With nearly 30 years of coating experience, Crumby is a NACE-certified coatings inspector. He began his career applying coatings in the marine market, expanding his knowledge of the industry to later become a field inspector and operations manager to several engineering, consulting and inspection firms. With Hake Consulting & Inspection of Palmdale, Calif., Crumby inspected and certified underground storage tanks for the state of California and the U.S. military, many of which were lined with Enviroline products. For the last 10 years, he has worked as a project manager and estimator for coatings contractors, including AA-1 Services of Paramount, Calif., and Techno Coatings of Anaheim, Calif., where he recommended, estimated and applied Enviroline coatings and linings. In 2000, Crumby worked for Enviroline Group as a technical sales manager, selling and supporting Enviroline coatings and linings, before returning to the contracting business in 2002.

The decision to appoint Crumby as sales and technical manager is in response to the growth Enviroline Group has experienced in the past year, and the company’s ongoing commitment to provide customers with the best in corrosion prevention products and service to new and existing markets.