Enviro Voraxial Signs Marketing Agreement to Distribute Water Treatment System in China

Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. signed a Representation Agreement with Genesis Technology Group, Inc. to market the company's proprietary Voraxial Separator and the Modular Wastewater Processor in China. The company's signing is in response to a global effort to address and remedy the water crisis throughout all countries, including China. Estimating that 40 percent of the world population (more than 2 billion people) currently face water shortages, the United Nations has declared 2003 to be the "Year of Fresh Water." U.N. figures show that water use has increased at more than twice the rate of population growth.

In just one of the EEC Directives, Urban Waste Water Treatment (91/271/EEC), one estimated cost of compliance in just ten candidate countries is projected at EUR 50 billion. With the Olympic Games scheduled in Beijing in 2008, the Chinese State Council has approved a five-year plan with funding of $85 billion for environmental cleanups and development projects, including approximately $29 billion for new water treatment projects alone, and just this month announced new very strict quotas governing water use and recycling for many specific industries. The high installation and maintenance costs of conventional sewerage systems have resulted in an almost universal trend toward implementing decentralized water treatment systems as the method to address the water shortages and treatment issues.

As stated in the LA Times, the rising concerns add up to a global business with $300 billion in annual revenue that is growing 10% each year. The Environmental Protection Agency and municipal utility groups agree that more than $500 billion of investment just in U.S. water and sewer infrastructure will be needed in the next 20 years.

"We have negotiated in earnest with EVTN since our September seminar in Orlando to secure its patented technology for China," said Gary Wolfson, C.E.O. of Genesis Technology Group. "At that gathering, with a large delegation from Beijing and eight U.S. companies, we were greatly impressed by the EVTN demonstration of its water treatment and separator technology. The events occurring throughout the world, and particularly China, make it a perfect time to introduce EVTN's technology to China by utilizing our extensive contacts in that country."

John A. Di Bella, Director of Business Development of Enviro Voraxial Technology, stated, "We continue to strive to develop relationships with companies that have the ability to distribute our technology in various markets throughout the world. EVTN's Modular Wastewater Processor represents the state-of-the-art technology to fill the growing need for decentralized on-site and cluster applications in all countries, including China. Based on the recent testing and success of the Modular Wastewater Processor in Europe, we believe EVTN's technology will effectively address the needs of the Chinese industries and communities in their efforts to clean and recycle water effectively and affordably."

Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc.

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