ENPAR Acquisition to Reduce Capital Cost of DesEL Technology for Drinking Water/Wastewater Treatment

Dr. Gene Shelp, president and CEO of ENPAR Technologies, Inc., announced that the company has acquired the intellectual rights and equipment to produce carbon electrodes from Material Methods of California for $50,000. The facility is expected to be operational by the end of August 2005.
Carbon electrodes are an important component of the electrochemical cell that is the essence of the DesEl technology. Management believes that the ability to produce our own electrodes, coupled with current technological advancements, will substantially improve the cost competitiveness of commercial installations.
ENPAR's patented DesEL technology utilizes the principle of capacitive deionization to treat drinking water and wastewater. Management is committed to aggressively reducing capital costs where possible to facilitate marketing and sales of these custom built products.
ENPAR is a technology company applying its patented and proprietary electrochemical technologies to the treatment wastewater and drinking water contaminated by metals or nutrients (i.e. nitrate/ammonia) associated with the mining, metal processing, chemical, agricultural, municipal and waste management sectors.

ENPAR Technologies, Inc.

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