Jan 15, 2009

Enceladus Water Group Formed

Kevin Goodge and John Larmon launch company specializing in RO components

Enceladus Water Group is a new company founded by partners Kevin Goodge and John Larmon, specializing in reverse osmosis (RO) components for industrial and municipal water filtration applications, including RO membrane housings and pressure vessels. The company’s mission is to deliver value-based and innovative sourcing solutions to RO system designers and manufacturers.

Since its formation, Enceladus has brought two new products to the market—the Super Vessel and the Enceladus Multi-Cartridge Filter Housing. The Super Vessel is a single housing that incorporates seven inner vessels based on a standard 8-in.-diameter membrane platform. Patented feedwater channels in each inner vessel contribute to consistent performance across each membrane. The Enceladus Multi-Cartridge Filter Housing combines the long-term service life of FRP while maintaining all of the features of a standard stainless-steel housing.

In addition to its focus on product development for the water filtration industry, Enceladus will be the exclusive North American and South American sales representative and global project management company for Harbin ROPV, the largest and oldest pressure vessel manufacturer in Asia/Pacific. ROPV, headquartered in China, offers a full line of 2.5-in., 4-in. and 8-in. pressure vessels, and has a global installed base of 8-in. pressure vessels in excess of 100,000 pieces.

The company will also bring its knowledge of RO technology, engineering and manufacturing to bear on the increasingly large and complex global water filtration projects being undertaken by ROPV.

According to Goodge, the fledgling company is off to a successful start. “We are already benefiting from our relationship with ROPV, which has emerged as a major manufacturer of FRP pressure vessels and is becoming more active in global projects,” he said. “In addition, reaction to our new products has been extremely positive.”

As vice president, Kevin Goodge brings 14 years of experience with Pentair Water Treatment to Enceladus, having held positions there in design engineering, manufacturing, operations and technical sales and management.

As vice president, sales and marketing, John Larmon brings extensive overseas experience to Enceladus. Working with both Pentair Water Treatment and Environmental World Products, LLC, Larmon spent nearly a decade focusing on the industrial water market in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Enceladus Water Group was founded in February 2008. Company headquarters are in Baltimore, Md., with offices in Chardon, Ohio, and warehouse operations in Tucson, Ariz. For more information, visit www.enceladuswater.com.