Oct 23, 2007

Emerson Signs Agreement to Automate Washington’s King County Wastewater Treatment Plants

Emerson Process Management, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR), announced today that it has signed a 10-year, multi-million-dollar agreement with King County, Washington State Wastewater Treatment Division, a member of the county’s Department of Natural Resources and Parks. Emerson will automate wastewater treatment plants to improve operations serving more than 1.4 million people within the greater Seattle area.

As part of the collaborative design/supply contract, Emerson will supply, engineer, and install its PlantWeb digital plant architecture with the Ovation control system. Core system installations will occur at two existing wastewater treatment facilities and one new wastewater treatment plant. The plants will be networked together under a regional supervisory process control system, as designed in collaboration by the County, its consultants and Emerson team members.

The solution provided by Emerson is a critical element of King County’s long-term master automation plan. Implementation, to occur in several phases, will enable King County to integrate real-time process and equipment data from its treatment plants and other remote facilities on a regional basis. It will also enable King County to integrate enterprise business systems with critical process data, environmental data, and asset information.

Integrating these information layers will ultimately provide greater insight into King County’s processes, assets and overall operations for greater operational flexibility, improved reliability and efficiency. It will also improve the ability to reduce operations and maintenance costs, and maintain environmental and regulatory compliance in the ecologically conscious area.