Oct 18, 2007

Emerson Medal Goes to Kharé

This year's Emerson Disinguished Service Medal from the Water Environment Federation (WEF) was awarded to Pradeep Kharé.

Kharé was selected for his thirty years of public and private sector experience, a majority of which has been in the environmental field with the provincial governments of Ontario and British Columbia. He joined Canada's government in March 2004 as regional director general for the Ontario region of Environment Canada. Currently, Kharé acts as regional director general for the Pacific and Yukon region.

The Emerson Distinguished Service Medal commemorates the service of Charles Alvin Emerson, WEF's first president. Emerson served the organization from 1928 to 1941, and he was its first honorary member. The award now goes to an individual whose contributions to the wastewater collection and treatment industry most deserve recognition.