Dec 28, 2000

eFiltration Launches Electronic Hub

eFiltration, Inc. has launched the first electronic hub for the global filtration industry, presenting buyers and sellers with a comprehensive array of products, support services and information.
The company, which had secured $1 million in revenue before launching its product, is backed by the world's leading filtration companies, including Filtration Group, Inc. and Parker Hannifin Corp.'s Process Filtration Division.
"eFiltration is positioned to become the procurement and information center for the entire filtration industry," said eFiltration Chief Executive Officer Brandon Ost. "Our industry has long been plagued by two key challenges: Fragmentation that has hampered procurement of multiple types of filtration products, and lack of a centralized resource for support and information spanning multiple product lines and makers. eFiltration now helps the companies in this industry overcome these challenges. We make it easier for all members of the filtration supply chain to do business."
eFiltration allows manufacturers to obtain and distribute information from and to the marketplace, integrate overall supply chain material requirements planning (MRP) systems and gain greater market exposure. It gives distributors greater access to customers and manufacturers without investing in additional marketing, and helps end users simplify procurement process and track online ordering
eFiltration offers HVAC, liquid and industrial-air filtration products, together with a comprehensive library of product information, real-time customer support and tools. eFiltration is also creating a national network of distributors that will serve clients in particular geographic areas, providing product information, sales support and product marketing assistance.
(Source: The McIlvaine Company)