Jun 17, 2004

Efforts Benefit WWD Readers

Welcome to our 2004/2005 Annual Buyer’s Guide—the most complete source of supplier and product-related information available to the water and wastewater industry.
Exclusive to WWD subscribers, the 2004/2005 Annual Buyer’s Guide consists of two sections, the Product Directory and the Supplier Directory. The Product Directory is a comprehensive categorical list of water and wastewater treatment products that includes the names of companies that supply these products.
Complementing the Product Directory is the Supplier Directory which consists of an alphabetical list of company names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses as well as websites for the suppliers listed in the Product Directory.
Users of WWD’s 2004/2005 Annual Buyer’s Guide should note that both directories contain the most complete and up-to-date product and contact information available. These listings are supplied and regularly updated by the suppliers themselves via our website (www.WWDmag.com). Furthermore, as new technologies and suppliers become involved in the water and wastewater industry, these changes are reflected in our Buyer’s Guide as well. Therefore, you can also visit our website to view new product categories and suppliers if, per chance, what you are looking for is not found within the pages of this magazine.
Accordingly, if any water or wastewater product supplier finds their company absent from the WWD 2004/2005 Annual Buyer’s Guide and would like to appear in next year’s printed version, please visit our website. From there, click on the Buyer’s Guide button under the Reference title to find out how you can get your company listed in the 2005/2006 Annual Buyer’s Guide due out in June of 2005.
This Buyer’s Guide is a valuable resource, that encompasses many years of research and development of the water and wastewater industry. It is our goal to have the WWD 2004/2005 Annual Buyer’s Guide find a permanent home alongside your other must-have
reference materials, including the WWD 2004 Annual Reference Guide, which you received last December.

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