Seepex Inc. Changes Upper Management Personnel

The New Year brings changes and opportunity to seepex Inc.

Mark Murphy, formerly director of sales is no longer in the employment of seepex Inc. David Heigl, a longtime regional sales manager for seepex, will assume the position of sales manager for North and South America. Heigl holds bachelors and masters degrees from Auburn University and has more than 15 years of experience in progressive cavity pump sales. Heigl will be an invigorating and motivating force, improving training and sales tools for all distribution resources used by seepex.

Gordon Fenton is rejoining seepex in the role of engineering manager. Fenton originally joined seepex in 1996 and left amicably in 2000. This year he returns as engineering manager to oversee the activities of the application engineers and design group.

Juan Portal Montenegro of Santiago, Chile has accepted the position of district sales manager for Southwestern South America.

Gary Reid will assume the role of territory manager for the U.S. Great Plains sales area.

Mark Young will begin working for seepex in the position of territory sales manager for Ontario, Canada.

seepex Inc.

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