Oct 26, 2007

Eco-Tec Wins Canadian Innovation Award

Eco-Tec is proud to announce that it has recently been awarded the Canadian Innovation Award for Environmental Technology during the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters' 8th Annual Awards Ceremony.

Eco-Tec Inc is a globally recognized manufacturer of water purification, gas processing and chemical recovery systems for industrial operations. Providing proven integrated technologies based on proprietary technologies that offer significant cost reduction and superior process efficiency, Eco-Tec's biogas purification system was the winner of the Canadian Innovation Award for Environmental Technology at the 2007 Canadian Innovation Awards.

This biogas technology joined Eco-Tec's product lines as another innovation from the University of Toronto's Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry. Dr. James Smith invented the patented process and joins Eco-Tec's Carmine Fontana in bringing economical and effective Biogas Purification to the global market.

Biogas is a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide and water and is usually contaminated with highly corrosive levels of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). Eco-Tec's patented technology absorbs H2S from methane in a simple, economical package and the resulting gas is purified for use in power generation, cogeneration and heating applications.

This unique technology can be used across a wide variety of industries including: pulp and paper mills, landfill gas, industrial processing, wastewater treatment plants, food and beverage processing and meat rendering plants. The biogas purification system reduces greenhouse gases, creates minimal waste and increases energy recovery.

In 2004, Eco-Tec was announced as the winner in this same Environmental Technology category.