EBAA Iron Releases New Version of Restraint Length Calculator Program

New features include enhanced functionality & compatibility across multiple platforms including PCs, Macs & tablets

EBAA Iron restraint length calculator RLC

EBAA Iron Inc. has released version 7.0 of its Restraint Length Calculator (RLC) program.

The EBAA developed version of a RLC program has been used by water and wastewater pipeline designers for years in order to properly and quickly calculate the restraint length values necessary for restraining various fittings and other pipeline appurtenances wherever a change of direction or size in a pipeline occurs.

The designer inputs design criteria parameters such as (but not limited to) the pipe size, test pressure, depth of bury and fitting type. Once inputted, the RLC program returns the restraint length value required to properly restrain the noted fitting utilizing “engineered” pipe joint restraint devices—such as the Megalug by EBAA—without the use of thrust blocks.

Version 7.0 of the RLC is now completely Web-based, so there is no longer any need to download and install third-party software or manage software license agreements. The EBAA RLC program works in all mainstream contemporary browsers, no matter the platform. Pipeline designers can save their project files for future reference and v7.0 can import previous versions of the project file for continuation of use. In addition, v7.0 can also generate Comma Separated Value (CSV) files for importation into Excel for tabular manipulation as well as generating PDF documents of each fitting type in the project, along with the values and equations used to generate the restraint length value.

The new version can be accessed via the EBAA website at www.ebaa.com or directly at rlc.ebaa.com. All previous versions of the RLC are no longer supported and are considered legacy software.


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