Jun 06, 2008

Eaton Corp. to Provide Audits for Water & Wastewater Customers

Complimentary Engineering Service and Solutions audits can improve productivity and capital utilization

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corp. recently announced it will provide its Engineering Service and Solutions (EESS) audits for water customers, based on purchases of aftermarket products. Water and wastewater customers are eligible to receive complimentary EESS studies based on qualifying aftermarket purchases made between March 1 and Oct. 1, 2008. The EESS audit must be redeemed by Dec. 31, 2008.

An EESS audit can diagnose problems, identify ways to improve performance or transform concepts into flexible, practical solutions that can improve productivity and capital utilization. Eaton’s capabilities include safety studies, energy management audits and power quality and reliability audits.

“In a period of shrinking budgets and resources, this program can create significant advantages for customers purchasing aftermarket products,” said Nathan Judd, Eaton’s industry manager for wastewater.

Water and wastewater facilities may qualify, based on their aftermarket spending, for the EESS audit when they purchase qualifying products including: motor control center buckets, low voltage assembly breakers, medium voltage control units, medium voltage assembly breakers, new variable frequency drives, IT soft-starters and EESS rebuilt switchgear units. Actual award levels vary, based on purchases, from a one-day service audit and report to a week audit and accompanying report.