Mar 10, 2011

Eastern Municipal Water District Implements Telvent Information Management System

Utility updated from its previous Telvent SCADA system

Telvent announced that the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) in southern California implemented a new Telvent data acquisition system to better serve its nearly 400,000 customers.
The Telvent system allows EMWD to receive reliable, real-time information from the field so that it can react more quickly to service disruptions. EMWD chose to upgrade from its previous Telvent Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to a more advanced model in order to make faster operational decisions, increase customer satisfaction and cut costs. Specifically, EMWD will use the Telvent solution to monitor and control its potable, recycled and wastewater systems, as well as pump control, reservoir volumes and flow control.
EMWD chose to continue with Telvent technology because of the added security and ease of integration with its other systems: Telvent’s advanced security model has been tested and validated by the U.S. Department of Energy, ensuring that EMWD’s critical infrastructure is protected from cyber attacks.
“As a leader in the utility industry, Telvent recognizes the need for increased network security and real-time data sharing across utility departments,” said Ignacio Gonzalez, Telvent’s chairman and CEO. “We are pleased to build upon our 11-year relationship with Eastern Municipal Water District and will continue to provide the best data.”
While many utilities are experiencing significant pressure on state water allocations and a challenging economic environment, EMWD is able to operate as efficiently as possible by identifying areas of improvement using the Telvent OASyS Dynamic Network of Applications (DNA) real-time data sharing capabilities. By integrating financial and operational systems, EMWD can more accurately identify input costs and efficiencies to make well-informed operational decisions.