Earth Tech to Refurbish and Expand Water Treatment Plants in Northern Scotland

Orkney’s Water Treatment Plants to be Upgraded as Part of Scottish Water Quality Undertakings Program

Earth Tech, as part of the Delta North Joint Venture, has been awarded two separate turnkey contracts for the total refurbishment and expansion of two water treatment plans on the Scottish isle of Orkney. The water treatment plants, Kirbister and Boardhouse, treat around 10 million liters a day and serve the whole mainland of Orkney. Phase I of the design work has been completed at the Kirbister water treatment plant, and phase II is now set to begin.

Kirbister originally was built around four years ago but was never fully commissioned. The plant uses dissolved air flotation (DAF) and rapid gravity filters (RGF’s) for its treatment process. During phase I, one DAF stream was modified and followed by a trial period. During this next phase, the remaining two DAF streams will be modified, new inlet pumps and a chemical dosing/mixing plant will be added, and the RGF’s will be converted to dual media.

Boardhouse also will be renovated as well as expanded. The scope of the work includes refurbishment of the existing clarifiers, new RGF’s, new chemical dosing systems, new electrical and control systems and chlorination.

"Earth Tech is committed to improving Orkney’s water treatment process with the newest and most innovative methods," said Libby Gawith, managing director of Earth Tech’s European operation. "We greatly believe that the significant advantages of the DAF and RGF restorations will make an immeasurably positive impact on the Kirbister and Boardhouse operations."

Earth Tech

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