Mar 02, 2007

Dow Water Solutions Reduces Arsenic to Non-Detectable Levels in Arizona

Dow Water Solutions today announced that three water treatment systems, incorporating ADSORBSIA GTO arsenic removal media, have reduced the presence of arsenic to non-detectable levels in Black Canyon City, Ariz. Operating efficiently since August 2006, the systems are purifying wells that have all been brought into compliance with EPA regulations.

“Our goal is to help customers reach compliance with EPA regulations as quickly as possible, while providing them peace of mind in knowing their water treatment system will run trouble-free,” said Alan Greenberg, senior marketing development manager at Dow Water Solutions. “Collaboration, along with Dow technology, have reduced arsenic levels for over six months to practically zero.”

Effective January 2006, the EPA reduced acceptable arsenic levels in drinking water to below 10 parts per billion (ppb). Arsenic levels at Black Canyon City reached 22 ppb prior to the installation of the new arsenic removal systems. Operated by Cold Water Canyon Water Company, the systems were designed and installed in a partnership between Dow and a Dow distributor, Aquacell Water Inc.

“In choosing an Aquacell system containing ADSORBSIA media, we focused on system reliability and minimizing costs associated with meeting the regulations,” said Roger Wagner, president of Cold Water Canyon Water Company. “We are extremely satisfied with the systems’ performance and our choice.”

Cold Water Canyon Water Company selected ADSORBSIA media based on both economics and projected reliability of the system. The high capacity of this media makes it a non-regenerable, single-use product–of particular convenience for small to midsized systems, while eliminating the need for disposal of arsenic-laden waste regenerant streams.

ADSORBSIA media has improved performance and capabilities over iron oxide-based adsorbent media, including a nanocrystalline structure that leads to faster kinetics, allowing for smaller diameter vessels, faster flow rates and a smaller system footprint.

Karen Laustsen of Aquacell Water, Inc. emphasized the need to choose an arsenic removal system that is extremely reliable, yet flexible.

“Cold Water Canyon had three different wells with varying levels of arsenic and required a customized approach to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness,” said Laustsen. “Working with Dow Water Solutions and ADSORBSIA media, we were able to design a system that provides water with low arsenic levels for the residents of Black Canyon City.”