Sep 04, 2008

Dow Ultrafiltration Modules Now an Alternative Filtration Technology

Approval certifies the Dow UF Module as an alternative filtration technology for treating drinking water

Dow Water Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co. and a global leader in water purification, seawater desalination, contamination removal and water reuse solutions, has announced the acceptance of Dow Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane modules for drinking water applications. The approval certifies the Dow UF Module as an alternative filtration technology for treating drinking water. Dow UF modules are used as the core of a complete and well designed, constructed, and operated filtration system for converting surface waters into safe drinking water.

Dow UF has been tested and certified under the California Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR), as well as the federal Long Term 1 and Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rules (LT1ESWTR, LT2ESWTR). Testing demonstrated the effectiveness of Dow UF in removing harmful pathogens from water and the operational integrity of the modules.

Dow UF’s benefits to the water treatment industry include:
• Ultimate barrier for removing suspended solids and pathogens;
• Pressurized, outside-in flow configuration to handle high-suspended solids, minimizing pretreatment and lowering capital cost;
• Hydrophilic, PVDF double-wall hollow fibers reduce fouling, have excellent chemical resistance and strength, resulting in durable, long membrane life; and
• Fine pores (0.03 um) effectively remove pathogens, most viruses, bacteria, colloids, silt and other suspended matter ensuring long-term stable operation.

The certification procedure includes an audit of a membrane system’s performance characteristics and product testing including challenge testing with surrogate particles and viruses according to the protocols in the California SWTR standards.