Nov 06, 2006

Dow Media Remove Arsenic from Harrah’s Atlantic City Construction Site

After encountering groundwater at an excavation site contaminated with naturally occurring arsenic, among other impurities, Harrah’s Atlantic City Casino worked with Siemens Water Technologies Corp. to install a water purification system using ADSORBSIA GTO titanium-based arsenic removal media from The Dow Chemical Co.
The system has been working successfully since it was installed in June of this year, reducing the arsenic levels from more than 50 ppb to non-detectable levels and allowing groundwater at the site to be discharged easily and safely so that construction can continue.
By utilizing ADSORBSIA media, Siemens engineered a system that is able to treat up to 1,000 gal per minute, while minimizing the amount of media used. The design took advantage of the media’s fast kinetics and high capacity to provide effective arsenic removal. Adopting the ADSORBSIA GTO single-use media also assures that the arsenic removed from the groundwater does not re-enter the environment.
“ADSORBSIA GTO media was originally designed to offer a cost effective approach to the removal of arsenic from small community water systems. But it is also well suited to construction dewatering projects like this one,” said Alan Greenberg, senior marketing development manager, Dow Water Solutions New Business Development. “We are committed to working closely with innovative, customer focused companies to provide better options for removing toxic contaminants from groundwater supplies.”
“ADSORBSIA titanium-based media offers significant performance advantages and capabilities over other competing technologies. It has a patented titanium oxide based, nanocrystalline structure that leads to fast kinetics and high capacity, enabling water treatment systems such as the ones developed by Siemens to use smaller vessels, faster flow rates and a smaller system footprint. ADSORBSIA also removes both As (III) and As (V) without pretreatment, under all pH conditions.
The high capacity of ADSORBSIA media makes it a non-regenerable single-use product that offers an affordable, easy-to-operate approach to arsenic removal. Eliminating the need for regeneration also avoids the hassle and the cost of chemical storage, and overcomes potential issues associated with the disposal of arsenic-laden waste regenerant streams. ADSORSBIA media has a strong affinity for arsenic and maintains its hold on the arsenic that has been adsorbed, making media disposal easier and safer.