Nov 11, 2013

Yorkshire Water Uses UV Disinfection to Attain Highest Bathing Standard

The TrojanUV system will help the utility attain the Excellent standard

Yorkshire Bathing Water Partnership TrojanUV

TrojanUV has supplied their TrojanUV4000Plus ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system to Yorkshire Water Services of the U.K. The system will treat storm water (peak flow 19 mgd) at Scarborough Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) as part of an overall project to comply with the EU’s revised Bathing Water Directive (rBWD).

The rBWD was developed to protect the public from contaminants in bathing water and requires that all beaches meet the rBWD’s “Sufficient” standard by 2015. Yorkshire Water, however, is investing to play its part in attaining the higher “Excellent” standard as a member of the multi-agency Yorkshire Bathing Water Partnership. The Excellent standard is the prerequisite for beaches to be considered for the Blue Flag award.

“After storm water is disinfected by the TrojanUV4000Plus, Yorkshire Water can discharge directly into the ocean, without concern of bacterial contamination for bathers,” said TrojanUV’s Market Manager Wayne Lem. “Our system will play a big part in helping improve Scarborough's bathing water under the rBWD, so the Yorkshire area can continue to offer some of the safest and cleanest beaches in Europe and have the best chance of proudly flying the Blue Flag award.”

TrojanUV was selected by contractor Morgan Sindall Grontmij through a competitive bid awarded Dec. 20, 2012. The project is on budget and on track to meet their compliance date in April 2014.