Apr 05, 2013

UV Disinfection Systems

UV Disinfection Systems

The Spektron series from WEDECO, a Xylem brand, is designed to meet all common disinfection requirements, including 3-log cryptosporidum reduction, and it will be evaluated to all norms fitting any legal requirements for drinking water. This improved Spektron comes equipped with WEDECO’s latest ECORAY UV lamp and ballast technology, which offers significant savings in operation and life-cycle costs. In combination with the option of variable power output control, the Spektron offers energy efficiency under all operating conditions. While in dim mode, the ECORAY lamps realize energy savings of up to 20% and use up to 80% less mercury than the previous lamp generation. With respect to sustainability, the UV lamp's power savings translate to a carbon dioxide reduction of up to 500 kg per lamp over its life cycle.

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