Dec 16, 2002

The O-Zone: Today's Lesson: Tried and True Selling Methods

Selling ozone equipment or systems is no different than
selling anything else. The following is an in-depth study guide for sales of
various products.

Be prompt. Respond
quickly to customers' calls, sales and service. Be knowledgeable about yours
and competitive products.

Smile. Not false
smiles, real ones. Smiles are contagious. Make customers feel happy to be in
your presence and you'll find them happy to buy your product.

Ask questions and
wait for them to answer. Don't answer for them. Get them to participate in the
conversation. Don't lecture or talk in a one-sided conversation. Silence is a
chance to study their reaction. Then show them how their new water treatment
equipment will fit into the plumbing area.

Motivate by being
motivated yourself.

Trust. You are a
mind reader, mechanic, record keeper and, most of all, his advisor. The
customer must trust you implicitly. You have to exude honesty, sincerity and
integrity. You must trust in yourself and the products you are selling. It
won't matter what you're selling if they don't trust you.

Names. Know your
customers' names before you meet them. Be sympathetic with their problems
(water and other). In general, people love to talk about their problems, but
don't let this side track your intention or their interest.

What is the problem?
Have the customer show you their water problems. They're 80 percent sold if
they have a real water problem you can solve.

Show and tell. Show
and explain the equipment they have (i.e., well pump, pressure tank, pressure
switch and existing treatment equipment), if any. This will help solidify their
trust in your knowledge. Be cautious of the customer that seems ignorant, he
may be testing you.

Explain the water
test you are performing. Show them any pictures/video you might have from the
manufacturer depicting the ozone system. This could be invaluable. Be present
during the viewing to answer questions, watch their expressions and to make
sure they understand everything.

Close. Without
closing you are only an unpaid entertainer. Ask for the order. Come up with
ways to ask for the order. How they answer will indicate whether they are sold
or if it will be a hard or easy close.


*               Are
there any questions on anything I have shown or told you?

*               Would
you like it installed

this Tuesday?

*               What
color would you like the tanks to be?

*               What
would you like me to do with the old equipment?


You need to have integrity and closing expertise over
anything else. Most people will not volunteer the order. You may have to
extract it from them in some cases.

Practice. This can
be done in front of friends, a spouse or neighbors and it can save a lost sale
from inexperience. Practice using a video camera. Third-party perspective
analysis is extremely beneficial.

What are you selling?
Benefits. benefits, benefits. You are selling the sizzle not the steak. Most
people want to know how the steak tastes, not how the steak was processed. You
mention the particular product but don't center your whole sales pitch on it,
otherwise they might get lost, and you might lose a sale.

The benefits of selling ozone water treatment equipment are
numerous. Here's a short checklist.


*               Yes!
Elimination of iron stains.

*               Yes! Elimination of sulphur.

*               Yes! Elimination of test and odors.

*               Yes! Ability to have clean laundry.

*               Yes! Good tasting drinking water, tea and coffee.

*               Yes! State-of-the-art ozone water treatment equipment.

*               Yes! Longest warranty in the industry.

*               Yes! Dependable, knowledgeable, honorable, rapid service.


References. Some
salespeople like to use "flip books." Books that show the different
products that you carry, pictures, satisfied customer references or testimonial

Cannot close, objections. If the customer won't close, he has a question/objection that needs
to be answered. Try some of the following tactics to help overcome objections.


*               Ask
yourself his questions.

-                Who
are you? Integrity, experience, in
business since....

-                What
is the problem? Water, money, personality

-                Where
will the equipment be located?

-                When
can the equipment be installed? How about
this Tuesday (ASAP)?

-                Do
I want to buy from him? Be ready for any
possible answer.

-                How
would you like to pay for this? If you
have payment options you will probably answer their biggest objection.


*               Set
appointments when both the husband and wife will be home. "I have to talk
to my husband/wife" is an unanswerable objection.

*               Be
sure who you are selling makes the purchasing decisions.

*               Wait
for their answers, which most likely will be questions or objections.

*               Answer
their objections fully. Then ask if they understand.   


Next months The O-Zone will cover installation tips and
precautions pertaining to well ozone water treatment systems.

About the author

Roger Nathanson is president of Ozone Pure Water, Inc., Sarasota, Fla. His background includes mechanical engineering, plumbing/pipe fitting, swimming pool remodeling/repair, sales and marketing. Ozone Pure Water has been a full service ozone/water treatment supplier since 1980. Nathanson can be contacted at 800-633-8469 or 941-923-8528; [email protected];