Automated Disinfectant Boosting System Includes Active Mixing

System utilizes variety of chemical sources

The PAX Residual Control System (RCS) is a smart and automated disinfectant boosting system for water storage tanks and key locations in the water distribution system. With RCS, operators can set and control disinfectant levels like a thermostat and eliminate costly and labor-intensive manual boosting.

Powerful active mixing is an essential component of RCS. Only a powerful active mixer can thoroughly blend disinfectant chemicals and ensure a representative water quality sample. This mixing is combined with advanced sensors and an automated chemical feed to continuously monitor water chemistry and precisely dose and maintain the chlorine or chloramine setpoint.

The system can utilize a variety of chemical sources, including liquid, gaseous or onsite generated chlorine and liquid ammonia. For chlorinated systems, RCS helps maintain target residual levels while minimizing disinfection byproduct formation. For chloraminated systems, RCS helps maintain target residual levels while actively managing adverse water quality challenges, such as low residual, excess ammonia and nitrification.


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