DeSilva Heads West

ResinTech, Inc., a supplier of ion exchange resins and selective media, announced today the relocation of the National Sales Manager, Frank DeSilva. DeSilva will be moving to the West Coast to head up the sales efforts in the western region of the country. He joins Ken Ciaccio, ResinTech’s carbon products manager, in the state of California.
"Relocation of Frank DeSilva to California is a strategic move designed to give the sales team closer proximity to all U.S. customers," said Michael Gottlieb, president of ResinTech. "This relocation will allow us to strengthen internal communications, maximize the efficiency of our technical response, optimize our shipping and warehouse centers, and ultimately improve customer service."
ResinTech is a provider of ion exchange resins, activated carbon, and selective media to the water and wastewater marketplace.


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