Delegates of Chlorine Chemistry Industry to Address World Water Forum in Kyoto

Speeches to Outline Industry’s Efforts to Help Bring Safe Water to the World

Delegates of the World Chlorine Council and Global Vinyl Council will offer three major speeches at the upcoming World Water Forum in Kyoto, Japan.

Invited by the organizers of this major policy forum, the delegates will discuss the role of chlorine in disinfection, the importance of PVC pipe in water conveyance and the chlorine chemistry industry’s combined efforts to help bring safe water to the world.

The World Water Forum, lasting from March 16-23, is a gathering of the global water policy community working to implement the water and sanitation goals agreed upon at last year’s Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development primarily to halve, by the year 2015, the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. Approximately 8,000 delegates are expected to attend the policy forum.

Jeffrey T. Sloan, Chlorine Chemistry Council (World Chlorine Council), and Martim A. Penna, Brazilian Chlor-Alkali and Derivatives Industry Association, will be giving the presentations. Presentation topics are as follows.

West Africa Water Initiative: The Role of Private Sector Partners, Jeffrey T. Sloan. In 2002, the West Africa Water Initiative was launched with a goal of serving 500,000 people in Ghana, Mali and Niger with access to safe drinking water and sanitation. The partnership brings together an array of diverse groups including World Vision International, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the U.S. Agency for International Development, UNICEF and the World Chlorine Council.

Chlorine Disinfection: A Foundation for Public Health and Sustainable Development, Jeffrey T. Sloan. Improving access to safe drinking water is critically needed to reduce the estimated 3.4 million annual deaths from water-related diseases. Disinfection, particularly chlorination, is unquestionably the most important step in treating water supplies.

Access to Water by the Unserved, Martim A. Penna. A unique partnership between the World Health Organization/Pan American Health Organization, the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering and the Brazilian Chlor-Alkali and Derivatives Industry Association is working to promote the reduction of water losses and wastes in Brazil.

The World Chlorine Council

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