Feb 29, 2008

Deadline Nearing for WateReuse Foundation's Unsolicited Research Program

Foundation seeks new research projects to fund

The WateReuse Foundation is asking researchers to submit their ideas for funding consideration under the 2008 Unsolicited Research Program. Preproposals for research projects that address emerging issues and involve original concepts, novel techniques and other scientific research needs related to water reuse and desalination are due by March 3, 2008.

For more information about the Unsolicited Research Program, visit www.watereuse.org/foundation/rfp_unsolicited.htm.

To view the Request for Preproposals, including complete instructions for submitting a preproposal, visit http://www.watereuse.org/foundation/documents/WRF_2008_ Unsolicited_RFPP.pdf.

The mission of the Foundation’s Unsolicited Research Program is to promote applied research through projects proposed by researchers. Consistent with the foundation’s other research programs, the Unsolicited Research Program is designed to meet the future needs of the water reuse and desalination community by encouraging innovative and creative research solutions to priority issues.

Projects proposed under the foundation’s Unsolicited Research Program should address topics related to water reuse and desalination that may not be addressed by other research programs. These projects are intended to have long-term benefits to the water reuse and desalination community.