Data Management Solution Saves Precious Time & Increases Efficiencies

For the Hampton Roads, Va. Sanitation District (HRSD) municipal organization every second counts when repairing a breakdown because 1.5 million people rely on them for wastewater collection and treatment services.
Quickly pulling the right data from an infrastructure that consists of 500 miles of pipeline connecting 101 pumping stations and 13 treatment plants presented a tough challenge. The challenge was magnified by the sheer volume of data--thousands of maps, drawings and records compiled from the more than 60 years of operations.
Whether it's an emergency or a planned inspection, information needs to be promptly shared internally with employees and externally with consultants, inspectors and regulators. The outdated manual solution relied on individual staff with enough years of service to remember where a hardcopy of the particular file was last stored.
Avatech Solutions' implementation of Cyco AutoManager Meridian has allowed for 18,000 disparate drawings to be shared across the enterprise at anytime via the Internet. Time to fulfill document requests has decreased from days to minutes. Improved staff efficiencies have enabled the lean three-person HRSD team to manage a workload that has doubled without having to hire more staff.
Avatech's professional, training and consulting services provided HRSD with new capabilities in storage, management, retrieval and sharing of documents that led to drastically improved levels of efficiency and corresponding cost savings.


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